This episode starts off with a Verbal battle between Topical Vacation and The P.W.A. Show. Somehow a Coke vs Pepsi disccusion leads into a verbal beatdown. Learn how Pepsi is a Communist Product, Emily is old, Ender is whipped and Coke is King!

Korey suggests people go watch Mr. Trololo on Youtube. Trololo is a video of the nationally-honored Russian singer Eduard Khil (AKA Edward Khill, Edward Hill) performing the Soviet-era pop song “I am Glad, ‘cause I’m Finally Returning Back Home” (Russian: Я очень рад, ведь я, наконец, возвращаюсь домой). The video is often used as a bait-and-switch prank, in similar vein to the practice of Rickrolling.

Dave talks about phone calls him and his coworker make to random people on webcams around the world and local politicians. This leads into talk about the Fiscal Cliff, higher taxes, and Gun Control in America.

Dave then asks Korey about his promise on a prior show and calls him out for lying again!! Dave tells people to watch the youtube Clip of Ted Nugent on the Piers Morgan show. Learn about the phrase “Suck on My Machine Gun!” Korey thinks Lobbyist should be illegal and reads a survey sent to him by the NRA.

The show wraps up with Korey trying to figure out a phrase that is also an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

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