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Other People’s Babies: Episode 216
July 09, 2019

Now that our kids are getting older, we have the opportunity to ooh and ahh over other people's babies, and we're here to talk about it. From how we are with our nieces and nephews to whether holding babies really makes our ovaries twinge,

Worth The Wait: One Mom’s Infertility Story with K.C. Clifford: Voices 38
July 05, 2019

When starting a family didn’t go as planned and money was tight, singer-songwriter K.C. Clifford felt like she had no choice but to surrender to the devastating possibility that she would never become a mom. Then,

We Love Fun Now! (Or Do We?) PLUS Beach Reads: Episode 215
July 02, 2019

We're known by many as fun-haters (see Episode 10 for the backstory!), but does this still hold true four years later? We revisit the fun-list today--everything from pushing kids on the swings, to parades and carnivals,

Must Have Gear For The Beach & Pool: Episode 214
June 25, 2019

We've been to the beach and the pool with little kids...and survived! From what to take with you to how to carry it, from how to sit comfortably to the best ways to stay entertained, we've got you covered. Episode 214 is full of practical tips and our ...

More Than Mom: Dating As A Divorced Mom
June 23, 2019

Meagan opens up about dating as a divorced mom after being partnered up for the better part of two decades, and Sarah has many questions. If you've ever wondered about dating apps, dating as a single parent,

Adventure As A Family Value: Episode 213
June 18, 2019

It can be as small as trying a new food or as big as starring in the school play; helping our kids feel the thrill of adventure doesn't have to mean putting them at risk or forcing an indoor-loving kid outside.

Parenting Siblings (Host Swap With Edit Your Life’s Asha Dornfest): Episode 212
June 11, 2019

Introducing a new baby to a freshly-minted big sibling can be daunting, and it's only the beginning of parenting siblings. Join Meagan and Edit Your Life's Asha Dornfest, who are both now parenting teens and young adults,

More Than Mom: The Search For The Perfect Thing
June 09, 2019

That product you've been searching for to do just that thing you need? We found it. Okay, well, we found a few of them...and we're still on the hunt for a few more. In this More Than Mom episode, Meagan and Sarah share a few "perfect things" and a few ...

Having Kids Young & Building A Creative Business With Camp Climb Founder Emma Hicks: Voices 37
June 07, 2019

Take a girl with a great eye for design and an entrepreneurial streak, add a just-out-of-high-school introduction to motherhood, and sprinkle with some good-old Midwestern pluck and determination, and you've got a great reinvention story.

Listener Questions (Vacation Edition): Episode 211
June 04, 2019

Creating family culture around vacations, whether we let our kids skip school for family trips, how to (and whether to) stick to sleep routines on the road, dealing with kid meltdowns while traveling, and budgeting tips for family travel--we're taking ...