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27 - Corey Philip: Clarity + Consistency = Success
September 23, 2018

Corey Philip Clarity + Consistency = Success EPISODE 27 – September 23, 2018 I’m excited to introduce an amazing entrepreneur and human being, Corey Philip to the podcast. Corey is the co-founder of his contacting business Gulf Coast Aluminum and opera...

26 - Lessons from Naval Ravikant on How to Get Rich (without getting lucky)
September 15, 2018

Lessons From Naval Ravikant: How to Get Rich (Without Getting Lucky) This episode was born out of some inspiration that I received after reading an article that a friend of mine from Colorado linked me up with. A few months ago,

25 - The Story of Friends Over Foods With Sagar Madhiwala
August 05, 2018

Sagar Madhiwala Founder of Friends Over Foods Today I am excited to interview a very interesting and genuine man, Sagar Madhiwala. He is the founder of the app you can find on your iPhone or Android – Friends Over Food.

24 - Your Network Is Your Net Worth
August 04, 2018

Your network is your net worth. Episode 24 with Miguel Robledo & Dan Han Some things we cover in this episode: The power of being genuine The 51 / 49 principle How to make good first impressions Mindset and intentions when building relationships Strate...

23 - Fitness For Business & Becoming The Business Athlete
May 22, 2018

Co-Hosted by Miguel Robledo, Sales & Marketing Director EPISODE 23 – May 20th, 2018 As I’ve started to grow on my journey in the business world and take on more responsibility, I’ve started to find it challenging to carve out time for my health and fit...

22 - A Conversation About Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, & The Future With Sebastian Valderrama
April 07, 2018

Sebastian Valderrama Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, & The Future EPISODE 22 – April 6th, 2018 I’m excited to my good friend and cryptocurrency enthusiast Sebastian Valderrama to the podcast. In this episode we sit down and have a conversation about the ...

21 - Pablo Rosario: How To Improve Your Communication & Relationship Skills
February 28, 2018

Pablo Rosario How To Improve Your Communication & Relationship Skills EPISODE 21 – February 27, 2018 I’m excited to welcome life & performance coach, Pablo Rosario to the podcast. In this episode, we dive into several of my favorite topics.

20 - Mike Desepoli: How To Manage Personal Finance & Invest In Your 20's
December 18, 2017

Mike Desepoli Personal Finance & Investing In Your 20’s EPISODE 20 – December 17th, 2017 I’m excited to welcome financial planner, Mike Desepoli to the podcast. Mike’s mission is to affect positive change in people’s lives,

19 - The Live Great Lifestyle with Fitness Coach Luke DePron
November 23, 2017

Luke DePron Get Lean, Healthy, & Fit – The Live Great Lifestyle EPISODE 19 – November 23rd, 2017 I’m excited because this is the first podcast where we really dive deep into one of my favorite topics – health, fitness, and lifestyle. In this episode,

18 - Erik Harrison: Becoming The New Construction Leader
October 09, 2017

Erik Harrison The New Construction Leader EPISODE 18 – October 9th, 2017 I’m excited to welcome another guest who shares common ground with me being an influencer in the construction industry. In this episode,