33 - Pablo Rosario: Find Your Passion, Find Your Life

March 04, 2019

Pablo Rosario Returns!
Masterminds, 100 Day Challenges, Passion, Leadership, Public Speaking, Intensity, & Urgency
EPISODE 33 – March 4th, 2019

In this episode, Pablo Rosario returns to the podcast for round 2. Pablo is a mastermind group leader, event planner, experience creator, public speaker, and high performance coach. In this episode, we discussed a wide range of topics. Thank you listening and supporting the podcast.
Some things we cover in this episode:

* How & Where Pablo and I met
* The definition of a mastermind group
* What Pablo learned from his 100 day challenge
* How to walk in and own a room
* How and why you need intensity in your life
* What passion is and how to identify yours
* The definition of intensity
* The difference between being in a hurry and urgency
* Closing Gratitude

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