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The Isles Faithful Podcast

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Episode 25: Staying The Course
February 26, 2019

A good pilot always stays on course, so I guess one can also say that about a general manager. I know there's a lot of you out there who are likely going to disagree with a lot of what I have to say this episode,

Episode 24: Jillian Fisher Talks Isles
February 14, 2019

I'm often horrible when it comes to learning about new trends and talented people. I guess it's part ignorance and part of my life where my free time doesn't involve being online 24/7 (Yeah, who am I kidding....).

Episode 23: Talking Isles Art and Hockey With Sean Connors
February 11, 2019

Back to back Islanders wins over the weekend, coupled with back to back episode releases by The Isles Faithful Podcast. What could be better? Not much I'd say - I mean maybe first place in the Conference, but the Isles are in first place in the Metropo...

Episode 22: Breaking It All Down
February 09, 2019

I have really dropped the ball this week, and for that I apologize. The nine day break aside, this last week I intended to record a few times, but I was exhausted - but enough of that. The podcast is BACK folks, and it's back in a big way.

Episode 21: Top Of The Metro!
January 25, 2019

The New York Islanders sit atop the Metropolitan Division as they start their 9 day all-star and league mandated bye-week break. Think about this for a minute. They sit ATOP (read First Place) in the Metro.

Episode 20: Are We Right? With Down Goes Brown
January 15, 2019

Episode 20, we are out of the teens now - it's the big time! Episode 19 got The Isles Faithful Podcast past the 5000 downloads range (and it's still climbing!) so thank you all for the continued support and always great questions!

Episode 19: Just One Shot With JPinVA
January 12, 2019

Hello and welcome Episode 19! This week I am joined by a co-host from Twitter @JPinVA - JP and I have gone back and forth with some spirited Islanders discussions over the last few months and it's been some good talk.

Episode 18: Barzal And Isles Going Streaking!
January 04, 2019

Happy New Year Isles Faithful! I hope that everyone had a fantastic holiday break! I know that I was extremely busy, I've been off since the Friday before Christmas, we did a lot of visiting and being visited by family.

Episode 17: With Barzal, Ho-Sang and Toews, The Future Is Now!
December 20, 2018

This is it! This is the moment many of us have been waiting for! Young stars, stud players if you will, are going to be flush in the New York Islanders lineup. Mat Barzal, the former rookie of the year has been a staple over and a breath of fresh ai...

Episode 16: Talking Power Outage And More with Arthur Staple
December 06, 2018

I have been going on, and on, and on - for what seems like weeks now about this power-less power play of the New York Islanders. It didn't seem like long ago that we had a fantastic power play, but horrendous everything else....