The family unit has long since reached a new age of reality in terms of its composition.  What was a once a great rarity, blended families, has now become an extremely common reality due to the high amount of divorces and remarriage in the culture.  However, with that reality now comes and abundance of step-parenting and the complications of inter-family relationships it delivers.  And in these situations the initial beginnings of the relationships have all to do with the stability, longevity, or success of that family. All of that being said, our guest for this episode of The Firstborn Son Show reminds us that "One-Third of all Americans are part of a step-family; 65% of divorced people remarry (and 40% have kids)." Michele Sfakianos is a registered nurse, life skills expert, author, and speaker who has written the book titled THE 4-1-1 ON STEP PARENTING. Michele will aid us in the discussion of matters such as: 1) Stereotypes about step-families that are all too common like "wicked stepmother", "broken home", etc 2) How to handle the myth of the "Brady Bunch" family; don't let it create unrealistic expectations that will set you up for failure. 3) Essential tips on communicating, bonding, handling finances, holidays, and dealing with recalcitrant kids and teens. And more... Join us and invite others you know can use the valuable insights as a step-parent or step-child.  It is actually wise to fill the gap of ignorance with knowledge you do not have.