Braden and Henry get seductive with Red Sparrow then track down killers in Steven Spielberg's underrated classic Munich (2005). Later we discuss the 2018 Academy Awards, masterworks of film editing, and the most overrated kinds of Oscar movies.


0:00 - Intros - Henry's creepy coffee shop customer

11:45 - Review - Red Sparrow

1:03:56 - Retro Review - Munich (2005)

1:25:15 - News - Oscars 2018

1:49:08 - Mail - Masterworks of film editing and the most overrated kinds of Oscar movies

2:20:22 - Picks of the Week - An American in Paris, Logan Lucky, Friday the 13th, Ugly Delicious, and Ash vs. Evil Dead: Season 3

2:44:28 - Outros - Chloe will be back next week and all will be normal in the world again




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