Guest host Jacob Bowers joins us to talk The Dark Tower, then we do a retro review of the iconic classic western, High Noon (1952). Later we discuss which genres we would like to see get revived and/or die-off, issues plaguing the horror genre, and updates on premium Film Buds content. Intros: (0:00) Jacob shares a little bit about himself, Chloe has jury duty, and Henry tells us about his horrible week of being sick. Review: The Dark Tower (19:26) Retro Review: High Noon (1952) (1:08:28) Talk of the Town: (1:44:42) Which genres should be revived and which ones would we like to see die-off? The issues plaguing the horror genre; and the first premium Film Buds podcast ("Buddy Casts") may focus on director Steven Soderbergh. Picks of the Week: (2:33:25) Henry - La Danse (DVD); Chloe - Get Shorty (Amazon); Braden - The Big Sick (currently in theaters); Jacob - War for the Planet of the Apes and Atomic Blonde (currently in theaters). Outros: (2:46:11) Send us your questions and comments to, or visit our website at!