We demolish a few buildings with Michael Bay's Transformers: The Last Knight, plus we do a "retro review" of Guillermo Del Toro's robot v monster epic, Pacific Rim. Later on we discuss some wild news pieces hot off the presses. We also delve into some fun listener questions! Thanks for joining us! (We apologize for the room noise in the second half of the show!!!! Won't happen in the future! Bear with us!) Intros: Our temporary new recording location, and we also go on a few short rants about life. Review: Transformers: The Last Knight (3:23) Retro Review: Pacific Rim (36:09) Roundtable Discussions: (1:00:05) Do we want someone like David Fincher to direct World War Z 2? Which director is currently the most promising up-and-comer in Hollywood? Is Johnny Depp's increasing media troubles ruining his once-great career? Outros: What we will be reviewing next, who will be joining us, and much more! (1:44:00)