In this episode of the Dr. Rob Show, we answer an e-mail from one of our listeners regarding problems with your thyroid, specifically Hashimoto Disease. Dr. Rob starts off by explaining what Hashimoto disease is. He also explains different types of thyroid problems. In our listeners e-mail, she talks about how she feels like her Dr. doesn't really know her and she feels alone. Dr. Rob talks about how your typical doctor, especially this day in age, focuses more on curing the disease rather than preventing it and how a lot of Dr.'s don't have that close relationship with their patients than you may have found 30 years ago. Now it may not be that in every case, but it seems like the medical industry is more focused on making money rather than preventing disease and helping their patients.

We talk about the problems with thyroid issues and give you some tips to help alleviate some of your symptoms if not curb your disfunction all together. We also give you the "stepping stones" on how to get started.



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In This Episode Of The Dr. Rob Show....

Discuss problems with thyroid
Discuss thyroid problem prevention
Discuss troubles with Dr.'s regarding prevention

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