In this episode of the Dr. Rob Show we answer an e-mail from a listener seeking help in achieving her weight loss goals. Although she is in really good shape she still feels like she is lacking in certain areas. She tells us that %75 of her daily caloric intake was from sugar. After buying Dr. Rob's e-book, she had started changing her diet. However, after a couple of days she was starting to not feel good. She also has celiacs disease.

Dr. Rob talks about which phase in his e-book she should start off with. He gives some advice on some foods to eat and also explains why people with celiacs disease have a difficult time with their health and weight. He gives some great advice for people not only with celiacs disease, but people that are of the marathon runner type. We especially give some advice to get you to help your marathon goals without needing to run as much.

We talk about how making a radical change in your diet can make you feel ill can could make your progress even slower rather than starting off slow and taking "baby steps" to get to where you want to be.

We also discuss the difference between Diet Soda and Regular Soda. Is diet soda better for you than regular soda? We answer this question and go into detail as to why.

In this episode of the Dr. Rob Show....

Discuss health goals for marathon runners
Discuss marathon training
Discuss food intake to help your body
Discuss food that doesn't help your body

What do you think?

Does your diet and/or your exercise help or not help your goals?

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