(http://www.drrobertmaki.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/DRS_main_logo-300x300.jpg)In this episode of the Dr. Rob Show we welcome all our listeners into a brand new year. One of our listeners writes in on facebook and tells us she recently had gullbladder surgery and is now suffering from heart burn and asks Dr. Rob what is causing it and what she can do about it. Dr. Rob explains what causes most types of heart burn and what you can do to alleviate your symptoms if not stop them all together.

In our main topic we discuss an article written by Robb Wolf (http://robbwolf.com/2012/12/19/carb-paleo-thoughts-part-1/) called "Low Carb and Paleo: My thoughts". In this article he writes that the low carb approach doesn't work for everyone. Depending on your activity level you may need to take a different approach dietarily. Dr. Rob explains why a specific "diet" may be more appropriate for some people, but not for others. We talk about how insulin plays more of a role than calories do, as well as how your activity level can dictate what you should be consuming. Taking the wrong approach for your specific activity level could cause problems for you down the road. Dr. Rob tells us what we can do to make sure we are taking the right approach for the fitness goals we are setting for ourselves.


Products to help with heart burn:
Liver function: http://www.progressyourhealth.com/shop/lipotropic-detox-120-vcaps/ (http://www.progressyourhealth.com/shop/lipotropic-detox-120-vcaps/)
Dose - take 2 capsules, twice per day.
Digestive Enzymes: http://www.progressyourhealth.com/shop/digestin-250-caps-dige5/ (http://www.progressyourhealth.com/shop/digestin-250-caps-dige5/)
Dose - take 1-3 capsules before each meal.  Take more for bigger meals and less for smaller meals.

Betaine HCL: http://www.progressyourhealth.com/shop/betaine-hcl-250-cap/ (http://www.progressyourhealth.com/shop/betaine-hcl-250-cap/)
Dose - take 1-3 capsules before each meal.  Take more for bigger meals and less for smaller meals.

In this episode of the Dr. Rob Show....

* We welcome in the new year
* Discuss heart burn
* Discuss how to alleviate heart burn
* Discuss low carb and paleo approach


 What do you think?

* Why type of dietary approach works best for your goals?

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