The Delvers:

Kay – Amber Maqueil, Human Ranger
Sue – Iron Flint, Half-Orc Fighter
Tess – Circe, Human Cleric

The Dungeon:


Show Outline:

DM Notes
DM Recap
Actual Play @ 1 minute, 10 seconds
Sound Credits

 Additional DM Notes:

Harryhausen's Talos
Don Bluth's Blacksmith
Tower of the Elephant by Robert E. Howard, PDF courtesy of  CCXVII
"Nothing on the ceiling" was not voluntary information; Sue had Iron Flint look up and I just got around to answering her.
Again, losing arrows is a big deal.
Mauls were a favorite weapon choice in our AD&D 2E campaign.
Mauls are not listed in Labyrinth Lord.
Plan one was to destroy the two remaining pillars, until they realized the mound would collapse and crush them.
I did not want to hear plan three.
Without a shovel, a dagger, or a backpack, Kay is determined.
Our Greyhawk Map

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