The Cosmic Savannah

The Cosmic Savannah

Latest Episodes

Episode 13: The South African Astronomical Observatory
August 01, 2019

featuring Professor Petri Vaisanen

Episode 12: Further Adventures in Oz
July 18, 2019

with Dr Jeff Wagg and Ahmed Elagali

Episode 11: A Trip Down Under
July 04, 2019

with Dr Ivy Wong, Dr Brenda Namumba and Professor Peter Quinn

Episode 10: Stars behaving badly!
June 20, 2019

with Priscilla Muheki and Prof Hakeem Oluseyi

Episode 9: Simulating the Universe - Part 2
June 06, 2019

with Nicole Thomas and Dr Nathan Deg

Episode 8: Simulating the Universe
May 23, 2019

with Prof Romeel Davé

Episode 7: Under African Skies
May 09, 2019

with Dr Tanya Edwards and Dr Simon Bihr

Episode 6: Galactic Neighbourhoods
April 26, 2019

with Prof Eric Wilcots and Sinenhlanhla Precious Sikhosana

Episode 5 (Special Edition): Event Horizon Telescope - First Results
April 12, 2019

with Dr Roger Dean and Dr Rhodri Evans.

Episode 4: Black holes and radio jets
April 11, 2019

with Dr Imogen Whittam and Lerato Sebokolodi. Imogen talks about her work on Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) and Lerato chats about her favourite AGN, Cygnus A.