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Episode 68 - Whole Lotta Somethin Somethin
August 21, 2019

Shout out to Sniper Joe, who once again joined us for an epic episode hosted live on Twitch.  ( - the dynamic duo were back together again, talking about what has been happening over the past few weeks - discussing the

Episode 67 - Lets Go LS5
August 16, 2019

  Episode 67 has a simple tone.  LS5, Leaky Squad, and Success.  The growth is on pace to surpass 1000 members by Sept 1, and our team is stronger than ever.   This episode recaps all the details as well as brings it home wit

Episode 66 - Meet 2 of the original 5 founders of the LeakySquad (LS5) community
August 02, 2019

With the Backlog Podcast becoming the official podcast of the LS5 community, it was fitting to bring on two of the founding members, Wiley (Nate) and Aciid (Colton), to talk about their gaming backgrounds and the foundation of LeakySquad.  Both Nate

Episode 65 - Twitch Affiliate ReaperOfHugs42 is Going for Partner
July 24, 2019

Over the last few weeks and months, Brian Haynes has been making the difficult push to become a Twitch Partner. To accomplish this goal, Brian (known as ReaperOfHugs42 in the Twitch World) has built a community that relies on each-other - and he focuses o

Episode 64 - Music and Video Games with DJ Adam
July 16, 2019

In this episode, Kevin has guest DJ Adam, a lifelong friend and live music  expert- Adam has been to over 2,000 live concerts ranging from Abba to ZZ Top. He can remember many of the events, and has seen both Cheap Trick and Kiss over 100 times. &nbs

Episode 63 - Season 2 Begins
July 08, 2019

Season 2 Begins with Episode 63 of the Backlog Podcast. Your host, Kevin Lane, starts the new season right with Johnny Ryan Weaver, known as IcyChiller, an E-Sports Tournament Specialist and former Competitive Halo player. IcyChiller brings his many years

Episode 62 - Season One Wrap Up
July 03, 2019

It's been a wild first year - and in Episode 62 Kevin jumps into another Solo Mission - this time in a more permanent manner.  Joel has decided to focus more on his streaming activities, but he's left the Podcast in good hands. After a growing and su

Episode 61 - Pro COD player Johnathan “Unruly” Walker joins us
June 22, 2019

Up and coming pro COD player Johnathan “Unruly” Walker joins us on The Backlog Live - Remember, you can Easily leave us a message and we may use it on the Podcast -->  Right now we have

Episode 60 - Add Another One to the Backlog
June 18, 2019

 Leave us a message - you could win a Gift Card or copy of BoxVR for PSVR. Watch this Episode as it was broadcasted "Live" on YouTube - see all four of our faces! - Click Here With another Landmark Episod

Episode 59 - Joe's Birthday Bash at Sea World & Box VR Giveaway
June 12, 2019

What it do, what it ain't, what it could be, Yeah!   !!!Giveaway Alert!!! - Leave us a Voicemail via Anchor (The link below in the show notes) or by visiting:  Joe and Kevin will pick the 2 best soun