The second, supersized edition of our year in review for 2012.  This week, we bring you some smaller and interesting stories you might have missed, or could have totally forgotten about.

Ludicrous leadoffs:

Teen Googles His Way To A New Cancer Testing Method
Computer Program Made To Paint From It's "Imagination"
Ethiopian Kids Hack OLPC Computers In 5 Months

What else was discussed:

Felix Baumgartner Sky Dives From An Insane Height... And Lives!
LEGO Minecraft Gets Official Approved And Released
Sony Acquires Cloud Gaming Service Gaikai
Nintendo Power, Playstation: The Official Magazine, Xbox World All Close Down
New Metal Gear Solid Game, Movie In The Works
Sony Sued Bridgestone Tires Over Alleged Use Of 'Kevin Butler' Character
Icelandic Politician Moves Boulder Onto His Land To Thank The Elves
Neo Geo X Handheld System Released In December

Dennis' Nickname:  The Blistering Barnacles

Blast from the Past:  N/A