Friends, we start this new year off on the right and musical foot with a show dedicated entirely to the music of MAGFest!  For the unaware, MAGFest is a four-day video game convention that puts together a huge lineup of video game cover bands, chiptune artists, DJs, and a whole lot more.  As we'll be attending this years event, we figured we'd share with you some of what we'll be hearing while down there.

What was played:

Powerglove - Gotta Catch Em All (feat. Tony Kakko)
Yuzo Koshiro - Spin On The Bridge (Streets of Rage 2: World 2-1)
Virt - Incident Zero
Cheap Dinosaurs - Hot Plates
Kris Keyser - Acidjazzed Evening
Inverse Phase - Atariable Lie
Professor Shyguy - Doctor Who Am I?s
My Parents Favorite Music - Thousand Dreams
On Being Human - Battletoads Medley
Random - River City Rhymin'
Those Who Fight - Walking In The Dark
The Protomen - Scandal

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