The Thinking Woodsman Show

The Thinking Woodsman Show

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Small Hunters. Small Calibers. Big Game.
August 18, 2019

Got a small-framed deer hunter joining you this season? John McAdams has suggestions for light recoil, yet hard-hitting rounds. The idea of taking a little one out deer hunting, or a wife, or girlfriend, ...

The Power to Change Your Mind
August 11, 2019

A modern day superpower, rare, refreshing, and direly needed: the ability to change your mind. Here's some aspects of bowhunting I've changed my mind on.

The Challenges When Christ is Cool
August 04, 2019

What happens when Christianity becomes a cultural convention, as it sometimes does in the outdoor industry? Is that a good thing?

Pro Tips to Take Your Best Hero Shots
June 22, 2019

When your photography guest has F-stop tattoos on his forearm, you’re either about to get stabbed, or have one of the most insightful conversations about hero photos ever. Subscribe, tune in and listen to ...

Memories of Michael’s First Buck
June 13, 2019

This week, longtime friend Michael Corey visits the studio to regale us with the story of his first-ever buck, a deer he took with his bow. Fun fact, Michael was my partner in crime ...

Elective Cosmetic Surgery, Bowfishing, & Near Death Experiences
June 06, 2019

I’m flying solo this week but that doesn’t mean we’re not covering a ton of ground in the Select Archery Studio and proving that this show is the definition of an acquired taste. Hear ...

Biblical Reasons Why We Love Antlers…& Candid Marriage Talk
May 25, 2019

Ever wondered from where our fascination with antlers stems? Me too, so I did a little digging in the Good Book and offer three reasons why we value antlers so much. Also, some personal ...

My Chernobyl Haircut
May 16, 2019

In a visit that can only be described as wide-ranging and stupefying, join Jeremy Koerber, Scott Heminger, and me as we discuss bowfishing, immigration (connected to the Chernobyl reference), turkey hunting, the Rude Awakenings ...

What’s The Point of Your Outdoor Career?
May 11, 2019

Have you ever really asked yourself what you’re striving for in your pursuit of wild game and fish? Really, what’s the point of it all? What’s intrinsically valuable about the time, effort, and resources ...

Archery Failures, Dad’s Bow, & Fit to Hunt
May 02, 2019

Listen in this week as I share two unprecedented archery failures (one having to do with a gobbler). Fit to Hunt’s Jeremy Koerber sits in on the co-pilot seat. I recover my Dad’s bow ...