The Round Six Podcast

The Round Six Podcast

A Thumb and a Half Away: Shine Speed Shop

April 26, 2019


Jimmy Falschlehner, better known as Jimmy Shine, the man behind Shine Speed Shop joins the Gearheads on a freewheeling episode loaded with road trip tales, hot rods, history and a re-imagining of where the brand as a whole is headed into the future. Oh, and an explosive Conan O'Brien set. There's that, too.


  • Talking projects in the shop

  • Jeff Allison concepts for shop projects

  • Early days and getting into the industry
    – The "Shine" nickname
    – "Flesh Hammer"
    – The first car, nearly thirty-four years to the day

  • Exercising restraint on a build

  • Billy Gibbons' Whiskey Runner
    – The 24V landing light
    – The SEMA Ignited traffic story
    – The Conan O'Brien explosion

  • The '56 Monterey New Orleans road trip

  • The new shop

  • Future projects in the wings – A lakester

  • The red hat at Bonneville with Tony Thacker

  • Surfing and hot rods

  • On taking the hot rod thing seriously

  • The TV years

  • Getting a foot in the door at So-Cal Speed Shop
    – The interview with Pete Chapouris
    – A tattoo bond
    – A veritable who's who of hot rodding at So-Cal in the 1990's

  • Taking a bigger hand in the business side of things

  • "Losing him is like gaining two good people"