Mike Jones of Exile Fabrications in Apple Valley, California joined the Gearheads in The Round Six Experience at the 70th Grand National Roadster Show. Mike played a BIG part in making the show display what it was by fabricating the e-newsletter sign-up kiosk stands. And when he's not over-delivering on incredible favors, he's creating some of the coolest stuff for everything from rock crawlers to custom cars. Mike talks about his focus on off-road or the past few years, and the transition this coming year to fully-finished hot rods.


  • The gang thanks Mike for his hard work and help with the Round Six Podcast show display

  • Take a kid to a car show

  • Brian makes a very awkward segue
    – And then doubles-down with an even creepier transition

  • Mike's background and history with hot rods

  • Mini trucks once again prove to be the gateway

  • Making the transition from off-road to street cars

  • The gang goes flat-billing

  • Current projects in the shop
    – The twin turbo Lincoln

  • Mike's 1965 C-10 project
    – A test bed for new products from Exile Fabrications

  • It all started with a Bug
    – Mike's first VW
    – Learning about air bags on the fly
    – Fist outing with the bug led to a first place at Severed Ties

  • The Tacoma
    – From lowering to butchered first mini

  • Learning to MIG weld and TIG weld

  • Entry to the professional side at Daytec welding cycle frames
    – Crash of the motorcycle industry

  • The move to building drag cars

  • A jump to Trophy trucks

  • Mike's King of the Hammers ride

  • Billable kilowatt hours

  • Differences between building for off-road versus street cars