James Owens drops into The Round Six Experience at the 70th Grand National Roadster Show, and talks art, acting, cars and the mysteries of the mighty (and oft-misunderstood) Gaffer.

In what quickly became our most quotable episode ever,  things immediately slide waaaayyy off of the rails, and from there is an on-the-rails/off-the-rails adventure. From early days in art school and school plays to working with A-list studios, James has had a diverse and creatively-fueled career that beautifully paved a path to his present. Follow along, and get an uncensored look at forging a career path in both Hollywood and automotive art.


  • The mysterious career activities of the Gaffer

  • Jim's hat

  • Alternate-dimension Chip Foose biopic

  • Things go all Maury Povich

  • "We're definitely using some of that"

  • "Feign happiness"

  • Lay pigment and get paid

  • Founding of the Brush Bastards

  • The thunder of Doc Marten boots, the pitter-patter of Vans and the squeak of Converse All-Stars

  • "Stomp's less-intelligent cousin, Mosey"

  • James Owens: the Switzerland of the podcast

  • Painting or acting

  • Jim on the move to Eastern Tennessee

  • From advertising to acting
    – Making an agent money prior to ever meeting them

  • From the Dad in a Dollywood commercial to the Sultan of Sable
    – Brian proposes a disastrous ten-year commercial cast reunion project

  • Navigating the LA/So-Cal acting and automotive art worlds
    – Where the real money is in acting

  • How you can help a fellow artist

  • James' first commission, Speed Demon

  • "Name that car"

  • Center for Creative Studies

  • "I spent my twenties marker high"
    – Honing art skills with markers

  • A flood of puns and double-entendres

  • A sexually-induced stupor

  • The genesis of Car Noir
    Telling a story in the art

  • Avoiding predictabiity

  • Knowing when to pull the plug on a piece

  • Brian proposes "Frankencanvas," the ultimate cast-off art show

  • The magic of Fordite
    – Mechanical dentures meet Fine Art

  • The creative process

  • "Let's see you act your way out of this, Funny Man"

  • Jim's Hudson Pacemaker

  • ATM mogul

  • "Neckwear Bouillabaisse"

  • Things get... "furry"