The Real Estate Innovators

The Real Estate Innovators

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Transforming Commercial Real Estate through a Global Venture Fund with Andrea Jang, Head of Growth at JLL Spark
July 04, 2019

Andrea Jang is the Head of Growth, Americas at JLL Spark JLL Spark is an independent division of JLL that operates a global venture fund of $100 million to invest in proptech companies transforming commercial real estate.

Next Generation of Venture Funding: Powered by the Blockchain with Yael Tamar, CMO of SolidBlock
June 27, 2019

Yael Tamar is the Chief Marketing Officer and Partner at SolidBlock is a smart contract development and management platform for tokenized securities. Solid Block technology gives you the ability to: Tokenize any asset and sell shares in e...

Commercial Real Estate Investment Matchmaking with Debby Fenner and Melody Emrani, Co-Founders of BuyerVista
June 20, 2019

Debby Fenner and Melody Emrani are Co-Founders of BuyerVista BuyerVista is a revolutionary site where the model for commercial real estate investing is reversed.  Buyers and their agents get visibility by posting what they want to buy and proactive sel...

Creating great relationships between people and workplaces with Stephen Dawson-Hagerty, Co-Founder of Comfy
June 13, 2019

Stephen Dawson-Hagerty is the Co-Founder & CTO of Comfy Comfy is on a mission to create amazing workplace experiences for everyone—from the people who operate the building to the people who fill it. With expertise in machine learning,

Improving Multifamily Marketing and Asset Performance with Erina Malarkey, Co-Founder of Remarkably
June 06, 2019

Erina Malarkey is the Co-Founder & CEO at Remarkably. Remarkably is a multifamily real estate marketing data, analytics and insights company, powered by a proprietary SaaS platform. Remarkably is passionate about helping the nation’s top property owner...

Relationship Intelligence, Reimagined with Anne Gherini, VP of Marketing at Affinity
May 30, 2019

Anne Gherini is the Vice President of Marketing at Affinity. Affinity is a relationship intelligence platform built to expand and evolve the traditional CRM. Using patented technology, Affinity instantly surfaces the important relationship data hidden ...

Transforming buildings into vibrant, connected communities with Gabrielle McMillan, CEO of Equiem
May 23, 2019

Gabrielle McMillan is the CEO of Equiem. Founded in 2011, Equiem works with leading property owners and managers in the global real estate industry to breathe life into their buildings, transforming them from mere brick & mortar structures into vibrant...

Access Control for the Modern Workplace with James Segil, President of OpenPath
May 16, 2019

James Segil is the Co-Founder and President of OpenPath. Openpath was created by a team of serial entrepreneurs who were tired of forgetting their office keys at home, frustrated with having to carry multiple badges to get into their buildings,

Personalized Home Search with Brian McAllister, CEO of Localyfe
May 10, 2019

Brian McAllister is the CEO of Localyfe. Localyfe is s Data-driven online personalized property search, tailored to how you live your life. LocaLyfe’s mission is property search based on how you experience life.

Tenant Experiences for the Agile Workplace with Maciej Markowski, CEO of SpaceOS
May 02, 2019

Maciej Markowski is the CEO of SpaceOS. SpaceOS is a Dublin, Warsaw, and Lisbon based startup that offers to improve the daily activities of tenants, by giving them a remote control to connect with their workplace.