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Episode 270: “Patch 5.12″


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Trinity Force Podcast - League of Legends Podcast

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Description: League of Legends eSports news, coverage, and opinion.

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Episode 270: “Patch 5.12″

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We grabbed all of the Patch Notes off of Surrender at 20 and discussed them a day before the patch hit! Some of the information may have changed but it's mostly correct. So listen as the crew talks about Gragas changes, Elise buffs, and try to dissect why the hell there is an Ekko in the room?...

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Episode 273: “A Penny For Our Thoughts”

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It's a mailbag episode!

(New intro download:

We start the show with a bunch of announcements (5v5 Tournament, $10 RP card giveaway, Riot promotion!) and then we get into the questions:...

Episode 272: “Tahm Kench”

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The crew sit down without Chira to talk about Tahm Kench and Runeglaive on Ezreal! Some fun facts about this episode:

Tahm Kench recently received buffs (after we recorded)

Tahm Kench's W deserves more recognition that we talked about

Tahm Kench's lvl 6 passive was wholly overlooked by the crew...

Episode 271: “Patch 5.12 Cont.”

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The crew fixes a few misconceptions about Patch 5.12 (Elise) and then talks about Ruineglaive and the power that defensive tree (doesn't) hold! By the way: Watch out for the one point wonder in the defensive tree that is TRASH TIER!...

Episode 269: “When Pwn Is Away”

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When Pwnophobia is away the mice play! In this case, the crew doesn't play all that nicely as they discuss topics that they didn't share with the poster! So this is a mystery episode. Enjoy!!

If you want to see Punch's mug head on over to:

Episode 268: “Patch 5.11 Cont”

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We finish Patch 5.11 on today's podcast and then answer listener questions! You'll find the listener questions as follows (after Orianna and more):

"Do you feel that people are suited for 1 role?"

"What makes a good support?"...

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