TFE - Radio - Special Feature Presentation: Tupac: 20 Year Anniversary Tribute Show - Tuesday September 13Th 2016.

In this, near 5 hour Tribute Show to The Greatest of All-Time, Tupac
Shakur, host James "Strength" Navarro covers the life, times, death
and legacy of The Legendary Rapper and Actor which includes topics
such as:

- His early years growing up. The struggles and his rise to fame....

- Pac's Music. The trials and tribulations before, during and after
recording and releasing his greatest albums including his 1st Death
Row Records classic "All Eyez On Me"....

- His Movies. Which films impacted "Strength" and which one was among his favorites....

- Tupac's Death and the Legacy he has left behind in the last 20

- "Strength"'s story about Pac's close friend and Super producer, The
Late great Johnny J....

- The Tupac Jail Interview. Aired in it's entirety from Clinton
Correctional Facility in 1995....

And, so much more in this packed near 5 hour Tupac Tribute show!

- TFE - Radio -

Full Description:

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