Textile Update

Textile Update

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Protein Fibers Lecture A
April 26, 2019

How do protein fibers get such a high moisture regain?

Fiber Properties Lecture 3C
April 19, 2019

How does the chemical arrangement of polymers influence the strength of a fiber?

Fiber Properties Lecture 3B
April 12, 2019

Surface contour is an extension of fiber cross section.

Fiber Properties Lecture 3A
April 05, 2019

Cross Section is an important predictor of properties like luster or bulk.

Fiber Properties Lecture 2C
March 29, 2019

Diameter is another physical property of fibers we must consider.

Fiber Properties Lecture 2B
March 22, 2019

Long fibers, called filaments, have different properties than short fibers.

Fiber Properties Lecture 2A
March 15, 2019

We pick up with the slide that separates fibers into several categories.

Fiber Properties Lecture 1C
March 08, 2019

The performance dimension of environmental resistance includes a whole variety of properties.

Fiber Properties Lecture 1B
March 01, 2019

Performance properties such as comfort as actually a dimension of performance made up of several properties, including absorbency.

Fiber Properties Lecture 1A
February 22, 2019

Our first lecture focuses on the properties of fibers that make the textiles we make out of these fibers behave in different ways.