This is TCT Podcast Edition #549 - You’re Kidding Me!, for Sunday, April 29th, 2012.

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This Episode's Totally Cool Tech:

* Windows Home Use Program (
* MIT  Media Lab (
* iPod Cooler (
* Tetris Helps PTSD Victims (
* U.S. Army Drone Non-Lethal “Magic Bullet” (
* Photos of the Space Shuttle over N.Y. City (
* DIY Radar (
* Nintendo Games Digital Release (
* Turn an iPad into a Laptop (
* Electric Scooter (
* Microsoft HomeOS (
* DIY AT-AT Cable Organizer (
* Sony’s Smart Outlet Tracks Your Usage (
* 240-HP VW Beetle (
* Star Wars Imperial Bathrobe (
* ZecOO Electric Motorcycle (


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