Note – MSB Members get 1 dollar per medallion off ALL silver medallions in the store.  The discount code is on the benefits page of the MSB.
Today is a big day, after a lot of planning we are launching  This is being done in conjunction with Rob Gray of AOCS and he joins us today to discuss all the great things going on at AOCS and the newly launched Mulligan Mint.
Over the past year Rob has been working heavily with Chris Duane who I introduced him to back when he was a guest on TSP.  Together they have released a series of silver medallions and it has really  helped Rob’s new mint get off the ground.  So we are fortunate to have Chris on today’s show as well.
I Think Therefore I Am An Ant
Join Us Today As We Discuss…

How Rob’s trip to the capital helped spring board Mulligan Mint
The great success Chris has had working with Rob with his series of medallions
Why now is a great time to be investing in silver
The future of the US economy and how silver can help protect your future
How AOCS has now become one of the most competitive places to buy silver
Why silver is the most anonymous form of currency available today
Thoughts on individual succession and opting out of the system
How you can get a free collectors only copper medallion just by buying TSP Silver

Special Offer for the Launch of TSP Mint

Buy 5 or more TSP Silver Ant Medallions and get a free COPPER one ounce version of Chris Duane’s Debt and Death design.  You can’t buy these anywhere.  Limit one per order.

If we sell 15,000 ounces of silver by COB Sunday the 3rd of February everyone that buys any of the new TSP Ant Medallions gets a free Debt and Death copper medallion.  So those that buy 5 ant coins will get 2.

If we sell 25,000 ounce of silver Rob will mint 10, 1/10th ounce gold coins, these will then be given out free  to those who purchased any coins in a drawing.

We will have a real time counter on the TSPMint website tracking orders until COB Sunday.

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