In this episode, we talk about the Princess Industrial Complex / Facebook and Privacy / Josh goes a little crazy with his busted coffee pot / Are we all over sharing about our kids?

Mind the Beard Line

Walking Dead Returns in Feb.

What is the Military Industrial Complex?

Is Pink Necessary?

The Case for Gender Neutral Toys


The Princess Industrial Complex, Who Knew!?

77% of companies ignore customer complaints on Twitter

Laying your clothes out the night before.

Audible Book of the Week: Makers: The New Industrial Revolution

Screen Time and Kids

Garrett Bobby Ferguson

House Shoes

Sleep With One Tennis Ball Under Your Neck, Grippin' Your Pillow Tiiiiight!

Nirvana Nevermind Deluxe Edition

How to Handle Facebook Privacy

FCC Updates COPPA: Children's Online Privacy Protection Act

A Guide about how Marketing is regulated for children in the US

Parents Sharing online, when do we draw the line?

OUTRO Music: "Pink Flag", by Radical Dads

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