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SDS 69: Everyday is Father’s Day for Me


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Description: A weekly news-based podcast about the good and the not-so-good aspects of parenting, from Dad's perspective.

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SDS 69: Everyday is Father’s Day for Me

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In this episode, Shaun and Josh welcome Cahal Dunne, the famous Irish singer to talk about his book, parenting and to share some great stories. We also talk about the sad Slenderman thing, urban legends in general, a recall and we tackle religion and politics as well as talk about Father's Day gifts...

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SDS 68: What If You Saw a Chalk Snake?

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We're back, after an extended sabbatical. In this episode we discuss Solar Roadways, Shaun's strange phobias that protected him from being bit by wild animals and school, Minecraft Amazingness, Vice shows, cool things to do in the pool with your kids, chalk art and more!!


SDS 67: Rotten to the Common Core?

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Shaun and Josh welcome the first guest to the show! "Dave" has experiences related to Common Core and how it relates to being a parent. We talk about Josh's sensory deprivation experience / Should parents have a dress code? / If you run, use this hashtag #DadsRun4Boston / We discuss the worlds tough...

SDS 66: There’s No Place Like No Testing

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Shaun and Josh are back! For the 66th time!  We discuss Common Core and the Supreme Court and movies and TV.


Dad Bloggers in Pittsburgh

Uber is amazing.

Jitney Drivers.

Dave Brockie from Gwar passes away.

Common Core

Train by Day, Joe Rogan Podcast by Day! All Day!...

SDS 65: Go Sniff an Old Book In the Basement

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Josh has some big news! Shaun and family visited New Jersey, love affair with Green Egg continues. / True Detective is amazing and stink bugs are the worst. / Josh was on another dad podcast, talking about dad podcasts. The circle of life. Hakunna Matata./ We discuss parental rights vs. rights of a...

SDS 64: Paula Cole Vortex

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Shaun and Josh talk about how kids can wait by the bus in 7 degree weather, but we both agree -20 is too cold / School closings, Yay or Nay? / How does Wisconsin handle these temperatures? / Utah steals lunches / we talk about sports and the super bowl / Atlanta gets crazy snow / Dad 2.0 Summit / an...

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