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Ep. 101: Entitlemania with Richard Watts
August 16, 2019

  “Giving too much is oftentimes an affliction of the wealthy, but taking away the struggle is a problem with everybody.” -Richard Watts “Palm trees, in that process of growing, what’s actually happening in the wind is they&#8

Ep. 100: Teens’ Advice for Raising Responsible, Independent Kids
August 09, 2019

In Episode 100, I’m chatting with an amazing group of young adults ages 16 and 17 who participated in a month-long junior counselor program. They share their thoughts on ways parents can raise thriving, independent and responsible young adults. BIG

Ep. 98: “Camplifying” the World with Tom Rosenberg
July 23, 2019

In Episode 98, I’m chatting with Tom Rosenberg, CEO of the American Camp Association. Last year, in Episode 46, we talked about summer camp, accreditation, and #CampKindnessDay (July 23, 2019). In this episode, we talk about the research about the p

Ep. 97: Parenting the Challenging Child
July 19, 2019

  In Episode 97, I’m chatting with Signe Whitson. We talk about her book, Parenting The Challenging Child: The Four-Step Way To Turn Problem Situations Into Learning Opportunities, which is based on her work at the Life Space Crisis Intervention,

Ep. 96: Unplugged & Happy at Camp
July 12, 2019

>In Episode 96, I’m talking with my friend Brooke Cheley-Klebe of Cheley Colorado Camps. We cover a range of summer camp-related topics including longer camp stays, adjusting to camp and overcoming homesickness, what it’s like for teenager

Ep. 95: Raising a “Yes Brain” Child with Tina Payne Bryson
July 05, 2019

Enter the drawing for a free copy of Happy Campers AND The YES Brain! Write a review of Sunshine Parenting in iTunes (or wherever you listen to podcasts). Send Audrey an email with a copy of your review. Include your shipping address.

Ep. 94: Happy Campers Book Club Kick Off
June 28, 2019

In Episode 94, I talk about why I wrote my new book, Happy Campers- Nine Summer Camp Secrets For Raising Kids Who Become Thriving Adults, why I changed to a ‘less is more’ style of parenting, how the book is set up, who I wrote the book for,

Ep. 93: Teaching Healthy Relationship Skills to Improve Lives
June 21, 2019

In Episode 93, I interview Dr. Alicia La Hoz, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Founder, and Executive Director of Family Bridges. Dr. La Hoz works with the Latino community in the Chicagoland area, where she leads her team in developing and coordinati...

Ep. 92: Creating Strong Relationships with Teens
June 14, 2019

In Episode 92, I’m chatting with educator and parent coach, Helaina Altabef, founder of  Tame the Teen. We talk about building up the attributes parents need to form strong, caring relationships with teens.

Ep. 91: 4 Reasons Not to Worry While Your Kid is at Camp
June 07, 2019

In Episode 91, I’m chatting with my longtime friend and fellow camp director, Maria Horner. Maria and her husband, Tom, have been the executive directors of Catalina Island Camps since 1995. We discuss four reasons why parents don’t need to worry while...