00:38 Daylight - Carey Ott
04:20 Welcome
05:18 Geeknotes: Music Connection Mag for Nov, Lettersong proudly presents THE DANCE, An Evening of Calligraphy, Photography and Poetry...
08:04 Open Mic Stage Intro
08:40 Daylight Dreaming - Porter Block
11:56 Evolver - Clap for Daylight
17:32 Daylight - Brian Lauri Project
20:36 Faith Healer - DAYLIGHT INDUSTRIE$
24:41 I Dream of Daylight - Moonshot
32:42 Map Room: WASP’s giant 3D printer can build houses from mud in some of the most remote places on Earth, Microsoft demos Skype universal translator, Dark Web Version of Facebook Shows a New Way to Secure the Web...
38:42 Venue Verite: Thoughts on the dead weight of democracy - the informed non-voter...
41:51 Music Bed: Chasing Daylight - William Saunders
42:29 Closing comments