00:32 Im Feeling Deadly - VITNE
04:58 Welcome
06:45 Geeknotes: "We Are Mystic Detectives About to Make an Arrest" A Night of Afrosurreal Expression, Lauren & Mitch CMJ Showcase, G.P.A. (the poetic unsub) and Charlie Newman double feature at "the Cafe Gallery" open mic at Gallery Cabaret...
09:20 Open Mic Stage Intro
10:48 Dont Take It For Granted - Azwel
15:21 Vicky Vendetta - Philip Peters
18:50 Wouldnt Care - Oshea Sanders
22:44 Zombie Lover - Solveig & Stevie
26:11 City Vibes - XBloome
32:14 Map Room: Memory loss from Alzheimer’s disease reversed with lifestyle changes, RoomAlive can turn any space into a holodeck...
36:02 Venue Verite Not This Week...
36:05 Music Bed: Staker, Green Space - Audio Cephlon
36:42 Closing comments