00:34 Hong Kong protests inspire protests worldwide
01:34 The Masquerade - F.B.I
06:49 Welcome
08:08 Geeknotes: October Music Connection Mag, Maneki Neko Con, Gold Dome Speaks Open Mic in Chitown...
10:16 Open Mic Stage Intro
11:14 (That's My) Lucky Number - The Spondees
14:08 On The Run - 闭嘴 (Bi Zui)
17:58 Little Fairy - Cold Fairyland
25:13 Nuutshai Chada - Nine Treasures
28:35 unknown journey - Twinkle Star
35:08 Chinese media censors Hong Kong protest
37:20 Fall Into The Sky (DJ Spenny Says Gangnam Style Remix)
42:05 Map Room: Chinese hospital introduces hands-free automatic sperm extractor, Antarctica Is Losing So Much Ice It's Throwing Off Earth's Gravity, How We Can Harvest Wind Power From Tiny Flapping Flags...
46:55 Venue Verite
47:33 Hong Kong protesters defy Beijing
50:28 Voices of Hong Kong’s 2014 Protest
52:25 Music Bed: 白影 (White Shadows)- fragile
52:44 Closing comments