00:33 Bazooka Joey (ICP Bloodstepp Remix) - Bloodstepp
04:28 Welcome
05:26 Geeknotes: Bilingual Poetry Reading by Chun Yu, An Immigrant's Drawings: Coming to America. A Solo Exhibition by Jozef Hasiewicz...
07:47 Open Mic Stage Intro
08:51 I'm Not A Whore - Sheppard
13:19 Cirrhosis - Our Man In Berlin
17:17 Far Away (Radio Edit) - ALL INDIA RADIO
21:39 Perfect Picture - CBD
26:26 Electric - Rawr Vanity
30:12 No Logo Is A Joke - Super Best Friends
33:31 Thr33 Rap Ft YnZ - WhyEnZee (YnZ)
36:26 3rd Refrain - Somethings Come Up
40:11 Wicked Witch of Wonder - The Ugly Kings
43:39 Map Room: Schiller X1 water bicycle allows riders to safely ride on water, Scientists reinventing photosynthesis to feed the world, Sticky nanobeads strip bacteria and viruses from blood
47:25 Venue Verite: Not This Week...
47:59 Music Bed: Witching Hour - Isoteric, Waterloo - Integer Ring, from Kahvi.org's Tiny Robots comp
48:23 Closing comments