00:34 "How to Overcome Obsession, Lust & Desire" - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
02:14 "Electrocution Lust Clutch" - Kelly Barnard
06:54 Welcome
07:35 Geeknotes: Black Science Fiction Radio, Onyxcon's Sankofa, Meisha Herron Band @ Redline Tap, Dana Jerman @ W4Tb, JOMP 15, Chicago Poetry Press Inks Jennifer Dotson Book Deal, SF MusicTech Summit XII, Fox & Woman's Name Drop Swamp Soiree, Sheri Miller Music Video Premiere & Birthday Show, Smog Veil Records February Newsletter, Carolyn Striho @ Detroit Music Award...
14:50 Open Mic Stage Intro
15:59 "Stained" - Android Lust
19:39 "Song Of Lust" - Unquiet Nights
25:04 "Lust, Love" - Karma Kid
31:25 "Love Scene" - LUST
34:58 "Principles of Lust (Everlasting Lust Mix)" - Enigma
41:17 "Make It Happen" - Madam Robot and the Lust Brigade
45:45 "Wanderlust" - Cyrusfx
51:15 "Lust" - Scott Helm
56:42 "Lust" - Jakob22
59:30 Map Room: Coursera moves closer to academic acceptance, Wireless Carriers Leave Millions of Android Phones Vulnerable to Hackers, Why Spanish Fly only works on men. And is deadly
64:15 Venue Verite
64:52 "Love and Lust" - SpokenReasons
68:19 Music Bed: "Adagietto, from Symphony No. 5 in C-Sharp Minor, 4th Movement" - Mahler
"Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun" - Debussy
69:40 Closing comments