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"In the Black Space" - David Cevoli; Geeknotes: Jacob Saenz at W4Tb, It’s LIQUID International Contest, February Music Connection, Lunch with Mike & Irene; Open Mic Stage: "Drop the Needle" - Black Pistol Fire, "Black Mustang" - 5 Watt, "The Woman in Black" - firewitch97, "Blackhole" - Streetlight Marathon, "Final Straw" - Black Circles, "Yanatusuy / BlackDance" - Los Reptiles, "Black Swamp Blues" - Smoke Ring Days, "Black Skull Death Cult" - The Naxalites, "Black Beauty" - Nik West, "Blackbird Fly" - Volary, "Black Is" - The Last Poets, uploaded by plutonium83, "Black Canvas" - OFF the band; Map Room: How crowdfunding can change the investment status quo, When trees die so do people, Suicidal Sensors: Darpa Wants Next-Gen Spy Hardware to Literally Dissolve; Venue Verite: "Blackfeet Indian Stories: The Buffalo Stone" - George B. Grinnell; Music Bed: "Black Coffee" - Sleeperfunk