00:41 "dia de luche" - [cease]
02:31 Focus: Seattle Poets - Amber Flame - AnotherPassionVideos
06:12 Welcome
06:53 Geeknotes: SMART Cities & HYBRID Identities, The Music Licensing Directory, Play at San Diego IndieFest, Afrofuturism Talk, Authors Beware of Archway Publishing...
11:14 Open Mic Stage Intro
12:24 "Day Dreamin" - Autumn J
15:46 "Time To Swim" - Shook Twins
20:23 "I Feel High" - Divasonic
26:10 "They Told Me" - Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside
29:29 "Morning Light" - Michelle Schmitt
34:43 "Bad For Me" - Gayle Skidmore
39:10 "Proud To Be A Stoner" - Kottonmouth Kings
44:09 "We Are Hawaiian" Slam Poetry Original by Traci Aiwohi - waimeaz
46:56 "Sound Documentary" - Morphiend Music
52:36 Map Room: New bricks fabricated out of junk we aren’t using, A chip that can turn body heat into electric energy, Photography based proof that we actually did land on the moon, Harvard geneticist looking for ‘adventurous’ woman to give birth to a Neanderthal baby
59:38 Venue Verite
60:13 California Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera on Being an American Writer - ZocaloPublicSquare
63:13 Music Bed: "Leaving It Behind" "Experiment 21" - Mimetic Delirium
63:38 Closing comments