When I first met Pace and Kyeli at the World Domination Summit in 2011, I knew these were no ordinary women.

They had huge hearts, a sense of peace and calm about them, and a burning desire to connect and live life differently to most others.

Since then we've continued to connect at WDS in 2012 and by supporting each other in growing our online businesses and promoting each others' programs.

At the time I did this interview with Pace she was on the verge of packing up everything with Kyeli and their kid, and heading off in their RV to go on an adventure across the US.

What's more Pace had recently quit her job to go full time with the digital business they had built together and I was so proud of them and super excited at how much they'd grown.

Working Out Their Why

At the time we spoke, their business Connection Revolution, was about changing the world.

And in the two years they spent leading this, they noticed two disconnects between their core message and the people who were actually showing up.

Like most businesses you need to continually evolve and morph as you better understand your audience and what they're after, and these two are so tuned into that.

Not everyone, who loved what Pace and Kyeli stood for, wanted to change the world.

Some were struggling with being fully themselves, others were seeking fulfillment at a personal level, instead of a global level.

So they got clear on their why, what they do and who they help, and built the Edgewalker Academy to be a place where you go for learning, growth, and transformation. As they say:

"It’s a place where people who are out on the edges can come together, learn, and grow.
A place where those who feel disenchanted can ignite their passions.
A place where those who feel unfulfilled can align with their hearts.
A place for those who want to live a wholehearted life."

These two are committed to working with edgewalkers, someone who doesn't fit in with the center or mainstream, but lives on the edge of what's accepted, what's known and what's possible.

I guess I'm an edgewalker in that I'm an explorer of dreams, of possibilities, of new ways to be.

If you feel that way too then I suggest you listen to this interview with Pace and get connected to their academy.

What You'll Learn In This Suitcase Entrepreneur Podcast Interview

  • Why everything must come from your heart and a place of gratitude in order to have a thriving business and wonderful life

  • How Pace built her digital business online as a big side hustle and worked her way towards quitting her full time job in October 2012

  • How Pace, Kyeli and their kid decided sold all their stuff to live in an RV and travel across the US while running their digital business.

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