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Storage Unpacked Podcast

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#113 – The Expanding Storage Hierarchy with Erik Kaulberg
August 16, 2019

Chris talks with Erik Kaulberg from INFINIDAT about the plethora of solid-state media available today that can be used for building future storage systems.

#112 – Introduction to NetApp Data Availability Services (NDAS)
August 09, 2019

Chris talks with Charlotte Brooks and Joel Kaufman from NetApp about NDAS, NetApp Data Availability Services

#111 – The Cohesity Marketplace with Rawlinson Rivera
August 02, 2019

Chris talks to Rawlinson Rivera about the Cohesity Marketplace, a way to run data-focused applications on the Cohesity platform.

#110 – Storage Vendor Consolidations & Acquisitions
July 26, 2019

Does the recent burst of acquisitions of storage vendors signify positive moves in the market or is it one of protecting existing positions? We discuss the vendors and possible strategies in play.

#109 – An Overview of ObjectEngine with Brian Schwarz
July 19, 2019

Chris talks with Brian Schwarz from Pure Storage about the acquisition of StorReduce and development of ObjectEngine

#108 – Druva Cloud-Native Data Protection with Curtis Preston (Sponsored)
July 12, 2019

Druva has developed a cloud-native data protection solution for the Enterprise. We discuss how it works with Chief Technologist at Druva, W Curtis Preston.

#107 – Should IBM Quit the Storage Hardware Business?
July 05, 2019

IBM's storage sales showed another decline in the recent IDC figures. Is it time for the company to quit the storage hardware business?

#106 – Introduction to VAST Data (Part II) with Howard Marks (Sponsored)
June 26, 2019

Chris and Martin finish their discussion with Howard Marks, talking about the VAST Data platform and architecture.

#105 – Introduction to VAST Data (Part I) with Howard Marks (Sponsored)
June 21, 2019

Martin and Chris talk to Howard Marks from VAST Data about the VAST Data Platform technology and architecture.

#104 – Creating a Data Management Strategy with Paul Stringfellow
June 14, 2019

Chris talks to Paul Stringfellow about the process of developing a robust data management strategy for exploiting business data assets.