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Stolendroids Podcast

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#354 - The Amazon Drain
January 23, 2018

Google is having problems as they rush to fix WiFi bugs, while Apple continues to copy Samsung by having phone batteries catch fire. Meanwhile Amazon is looking for the next big city to plunder and the federal government is looking to extort the major ...

#353 - CES 2018
January 16, 2018

Zuke, Schmidty, and Dr Squishy come to you right from CES 2018! We talk about what we saw, what's going to be hot, what's really not, and what we REALLY didn't expect to see up on the second floor!

Throttled and Frozen – SD – EP #352
January 09, 2018

  - Well, it’s 2018 and so far, it’s not looking great. Intel’s hardware has a massive defect that’s requiring software patches that throttle performance, GoPro and eero are doing mass layoffs, HP computers caught Samsung’s flu and now their batteries...

#351 - Right In The Apples
December 31, 2017

To say that 2017 was a bit of a misstep for Apple would, I feel, be putting it lightly. However, maybe it's a misstep they need to have to get through and finally be free of the ever present question they've been haunted with for years: "Would Jobs hav...

#350 - Stolen Blockchain
December 24, 2017

It's a festivus miracle! Everyone gets the episode early! - Not that it's going to do anything for you, mind you.  After all, we're still getting hacked, your information is still getting leaked with alarming regularity,

#349 - No Mac For You!
December 19, 2017

Apple has been blowing things this month. It started with software, went to security, and has finished with our very minds.  That's right; Apple has launched a couple products that could really change things!

#348 - Men Are Ugly
December 12, 2017

We've done it.  We've found the bottom of the barrel.  Of all the stupid stories we've ever had to report on, we've finally found the worst one ever. See, it turns out that if a guy doesn't like a girl, he can threaten to find her home and attack her a...

#347 - Trust No App!
December 05, 2017

  - We all kinda knew that Chinese apps may not be on the up and up, but we didn't they would be so blatant about stealing info.  Oh, and Google too.  Yes, that Google.  After all, when you told your phone you didn't want to be tracked,

#346 - Yay! You're Screwed!
November 28, 2017

With everyone getting busted for sexual assault, I guess the FCC felt they had to "1 Up" everybody and screwed us all without our consent!  Seems about right for this administration. - We were probably asking for it,

#345 - Remember The Jericho
November 21, 2017

Funny how when it's another set of religious radicals bringing down buildings and peoples it's ok. - We're loopy as ever with our latest show recording yet! Zohner is completely out of the loop and Zuke sort of forgot what the internet even looked lik...