I walked into Doug Schakel‘s first clinic session at the PGC/Glacier Coaches Clinic with no expectations at all. To be honest, I’d never heard of him. Alan Stein told me to check him out, so I went and I’m so glad I did. Coach Schakel was speaking about how to be a more proficient shooter. He hit all the typical points of shooting, and provided some good drills to work on the techniques. Then he went into some of his more obscure tools for improving a players shot. Things such as putting tape on a mirror to provide a straighter shot, and wearing a golf apparatus on your shooting arm in order to improve your arch. This is the kind of insight that intrigues me the most, because its innovative, home-grown, and out-of-the-box. I made sure to attend his next two sessions and I was even more impressed. After the clinic had come to a close, I was able to sit down with Coach Schakel for some one-on-one insight. Be sure to visit Coach Schakel’s youtube channel, for some outstanding coaching resources.