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Anarchy Moment 0232 – Weyland-Yutani Festival Stories. Can Generation Z Keep The Electrical Grid Working?
August 12, 2019

This one is for Aaron Clarey and all my listeners who enjoy the stories of the idiots I work with. It’s festival time and The Great One has commentary on Gen Z, security theatre, and idiots. Enjoy the ranting. P.S. Linkage for tomorrow is a maybe.

Repeat: Stating The Obvious 0408 – The Infinity Illusion
August 09, 2019

And another repeat because I’m still moving. Yea, I’m pretty tired of this shit by now. See ya Monday. If there is anything left of me on Monday. Why is the United States in decline? Because of the Infinity Syndrome.

Repeat: Stating The Obvious 0564 – Left-wing Statist Progressives Strive To Destroy The Family and Monogamous Marriage. Along Comes The Great One. You Won’t Believe What Happens Next.
August 07, 2019

Happy Supergirl Wednesday. I’m still moving. See ya Monday. It’s easy to be a male femistatist who hates the patriarchy and the nuclear family. But when a male femistatist finds himself being cucked suddenly he wants to tell his wife what to do with he...

Repeat: Stating The Obvious 0415 – The Girls Gone Insane Episode.
August 05, 2019

It’s a week of repeats because The Great One, along with 20% of Fort Collins, is moving. But worry not my buttercup, tomorrow will have a fresh dose of highly offensive CLSology Linkage for you featuring some old friends and some new friends.

Anarchy Moment 0231 – TGO’s Day Off: A Tale Of Two Girls and Some Other Stories Along The Way.
August 02, 2019

The Great One took a day off from work. Here be some stories for you. You like stories? You like story books? Buy them story books through my Amazon affiliate link at Then I can buy yet another Supergirl statue I don’t need and objecti...

Anarchy Moment 0230 – Bad Mood After Bombing With An 8 Podcast.
July 31, 2019

This episode will either bring The Great One out of his bad mood after bombing with an 8 or this episode will suck ass because The Great One is in a bad mood. Only time will tell. And what will we (The Royal We?) talk about in this episode?

Anarchy Moment 0229 – Can You Hear Me? I Said We Should Gas All The Journalists.
July 29, 2019

In this episode: TGO just got out of bed and forms some of the most convoluted sentences you’ve never heard. Women at the 21 Convention. Cantwell attempts to de-platform his competition. TGO bitches about YouTube podcasting. Can you hear me?

Anarchy Moment 0228 – TGO Takes A Day Off and Alexa Has The Last Word.
July 24, 2019

The Great One took a day off from everything. Except booze, reading, writing, sunshine, and fresh air. Plus we ask Alexa some important questions. If you are gonna buy stuff you don’t need with your fiat currency federal reserve cuck bucks via the wire...

Anarchy Moment 0227 – Arian Podcasters Prove That People With IQs In The High 80s Can Be Very Creative.
July 22, 2019

I got no love for the (((Jews))). Except for the hot Jewish chycks. Yes they exist. I dated one for 2 years. But for the fucking love of God. Listening to two Arian Nationalist talking about how The Karate Kid and Raiders Of The Lost Ark are filled wit...

Anarchy Moment 0226 – I Know This One Woman Who Can’t Hack It In The Workplace. The Story Of A Princess Attempting To Work.
July 19, 2019

And by “this one woman” I mean hundreds of thousands of them. And, after all of this work we (the men) did, what did The Great One do? He went to the gym. Five hours of working, lifting, moving, sawing, cutting and cleaning.