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Genuine Discipleship 15–Hear the Invitation
April 14, 2019

Matthew 11:25-30 Morning service at Southern Hills Church of Christ by Jim Hays.  

Rep The King
April 04, 2019

In 2019, we are learning what it means to be true disciples of Jesus. Throughout this series, we have said that this discipleship is really more like apprenticeship.  We’re not just following Jesus, we’re sitting at his feet and absorbing his teaching....

“Good” Boys and Pool Halls
March 21, 2019

Growing up in a Christian home, I was constantly reminded that “good boys” didn’t go into certain establishments, namely bars, dance clubs, and pool halls. My hometown in New Mexico was only eight miles from the Texas state line.

Why Are You Afraid?
March 17, 2019

Last Sunday, in the first half of Matthew 8, the apostle presented us with some stories with the common theme of faith. We saw the faith of the leper who broke all the rules in coming to Jesus for healing. He said to Jesus,

You’re Out!
March 07, 2019

My dad is a die-hard Cardinals fan. When he was growing up, there was no Major League team west of the Mississippi River. The team closest to Texas was in St. Louis. As a toddler, I remember going to Houston to watch the Colt .

The Hard Travelers
February 28, 2019

Matthew builds his gospel around five sermons of Jesus. We’ve spent the last three weeks making our way through the first and most famous one, the Sermon on the Mount. The conclusion to this sermon is found in Matthew 7:13-27 where Jesus presents four ...

Kingdom Treasure
February 21, 2019

In His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus contrasts two entirely different kingdoms—the kingdom of the world and the Kingdom of the Heavens. The Kingdom Jesus preaches seems to be upside down in comparison to the world’s kingdom.

Upside Down and Inside Out
February 14, 2019

Last Sunday, we talked about how life inside the Kingdom of the Heavens seems upside-down to those living in the kingdom of the world. The two kingdoms are exact opposites. But the life of a genuine disciple of Jesus is also inside-out.

Blessings of the Upside-Down Kingdom
February 08, 2019

Three years ago, our congregation took part in an intensive 15-week study of the Sermon on the Mount based upon the book Living Jesus by ACU theology professor Randy Harris. Sermons and Bible classes covered the same material weekly so we could spend q...

Brief, Yet Powerful
January 17, 2019

I suppose every preacher gets kidded about the length of his sermons (or maybe they’re not kidding!). Sermon lengths have changed from when I was a kid. It was nothing for Kermit Upshaw, the preacher in my “growing up” church,