The Purpose of Your Hungry Nightmare From HellEl Goro and SonOfOdin check out some new releases in New England hardcore and German power metal from Hatebreed and Helloween. After that, we look at an interesting piece of horror metal from Horrific. Finally, we scratch a “TS” into a textbook and rebel against authority with Twisted Sister’s classic album, Stay Hungry.

New Releases:

Hatebreed : The Divinity of Purpose (2013)

Hardcore stalwarts Hatebreed have consistently upped the ante with each subsequent album. Their sixth full-length effort proudly upholds a tradition cast in almost two decades of sonic brutality.

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Helloween : Straight Out of Hell (2013)

Helloween are known as the inventors of “German Melodic Speed Metal”, and their status as creative pioneers has made them one of the most successful metal bands of the last thirty-odd years.

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Local/Indie Band:

Horrific : Your Worst Nightmare (2009)

A solo project by the man known as “Slasher Dave”, Horrific combines death metal with punk and 1980s guitar work to create a unique-sounding blend of horror-themed metal.

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Heavy Metal Valhalla:

Twisted Sister : Stay Hungry (1984)

Fronted by Dee Snider, Twisted Sister performed for over a decade before having their major breakthrough with this 1984 release. Their signature mix of hard rock, heavy metal, glam, and outrageous theatrics resonated with audiences, and their Top 40 anthems We’re Not Gonna Take It and I Wanna Rock became MTV staples of the ’80s.

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