Some Guy and the Bug Man Figure Things Out

Some Guy and the Bug Man Figure Things Out

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72 Finding Balance with Spudkind
July 22, 2019

Do potatoes aspire to be potato chips? Some Guy gives a history of the ole tater; Bug Man has a new sound for you to dig “Simon won’t let us out” – Steven Tyler   “This Mario show is the best idea I’ve ever had!” – Simon Cowell Website   Spotify […]

71 What does what mean at Fourth of July?
June 24, 2019

What does what mean at Fourth of July? Some Guy and the Bug Man give you the tips and tricks you need to get out of conversations with family at your upcoming BBQ. “Who’re you gonna vote for?” – Your Uncle   “Let’s blow up a frog!” – Sid from Toy […]

70 Rescue Cult Alpha
June 10, 2019

Why didn’t you invite me to the float trip? Some Guy met a lifeguard cult; Bug Man wants to harness their power and make it work for us. “Can I get your Insta?” – Cadet Jethro   “LET HER DIE” – A Grown Man This weeks quotes brought to you by […]

69 Streisand and Barnes and Noble
May 27, 2019

Why did she want us to know that she farted? Some Guy cannot unsee that which she wished he had not seen; Bug Man believes you just have to own it. “Did they smell that?” – Lady Gone Scootin’   “What did we just watch?” – Us   Website   […]

68 Weaboo and You
May 13, 2019

Are we about to get rid of Weaboos? Some Guy has an asparagus pillow and an artisan chair; Bug Man goes bespoke in them britches as he makes carpentry happen like a real otaku “Why did you laugh at my dad?” – Artax Jr. “You cannot be on this level […]

67 Neighbors to Die For
April 29, 2019

What make the perfect neighbor? Some Guy has neighbors, but then they left; Bug Man goes supernatural while reminiscing about the good old days “The movie didn’t follow my fan theories. 2/10” – Reddit “We already told you.

66 A More Perfect Union
April 15, 2019

How do we bring new life into wedding union ceremonies? Bug Man gives up-cycling tips to improve your special day; Some Guy proposes an intimate dance, a show of skill, and a hint of audience participation. “Martha’s gonna be home soon.

65 The Philosopher’s Salad
April 01, 2019

What is a salad bar? Bug Man sticks to the rules and the meaning of words; Some Guy believes freedom and murka above all “Ul bak ta ra bak cufa mah!” – Steve, Turnip Wizard “Sir, We are cutting you off.” – Sara,

64 Laundromat Habitat
March 18, 2019

How can we help the local laundromat? Bug Man goes artisanal about the whole experience; Some Guy wants you to win wash tokens “What are ya, some kind of sicko?!”– Elderly Laundro-patron “Sir, the dryers are for customers only.”– Eugene,

63 We Would Have Won State
March 04, 2019

Why can’t I play coach? Some Guy makes the case for more inclusive High School Football; Bug Man reviews a hot pocket and puts the parents in their place. “Sir, get off the field. Now”– Know-it-all, High School Ref “FUHT BAWHL!