The FA Cup often marks a watershed in the season. It means a rest from the usual EPL analysis and format in the UK but also some change in the feel of the matches. A good time to look at the teams out of their comfort zone a little and see how they deal with the challenges of a competition. It offers insight into how the managers see the cup and possibly where they see their squad. This weekend was no exception with teams crashing out and some sailing through.

United and City both dealt with ties in different ways whilst Chelsea slammed Southampton and debutants for both the Blues and Liverpool scored with impressive ease. Some questions answered in terms of positions and tactics. Spurs did what we think Spurs should do with their team and won whilst the upsets came from unlikely sources. Who surprised you?

The pod also take a look at racism in Europe (quickly) and take a look down the possible transfers of January. Do you have any rumours you would like to contribute? Let's EPL Talk about it:

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