Carissa Dunphy interviews Michael Cavanagh, wine writer, traveler, reviewer and educator. Michael discusses how the wine industry has changed over the past decade and how Gen Y is impacting the industry. He gives some tips on pitching your story to a writer and shares info on the growing trend of private wine parties, which is a great experience. Jennifer Donogh drops by the studio to make an announcement about and upcoming collaboration between Small Businesses Do It Better and Young Female Entrepreneurs. Also featured in this episode is The Vinamor, the best wine aerator in it's class. The Vinamor is a wine aerator unique to the wine industry. This single-glass aerator design is the innovation of Gary DeJohn, who has worked in the fine-dining service industry for five years. Because Gary understands and appreciates how decanters and aerators can affect a wine’s palatability, he applied that knowledge to create an easy-to-use, dishwasher safe model that can be used both in homes and restaurants. More at