Welcome to Episode 31 of Sit & Sew Radio, a Quilt Addicts Anonymous podcast.

Today's episode features Amanda Murphy, Bernina spokesperson, author and fabric designer, and Rebecca Bryan, author, teacher and fourth generation quilter.

Both interviews were recorded at QuiltCon and it was kind of fun to listen to them a couple months after they were initially recorded. At one point Rebecca Bryan and I were talking about the brick and mortar version of Quilt Addicts Anonymous, which at the time I was still considering an open studio. Now it is definitely a full blown quilt shop, complete with staff, a large class space and fabulous modern fabrics. That just shows you how much can change in a couple months.

And speaking of the shop, the Spring Clearance Sale is happening right now. There are nearly 100 fabrics, bundles, thread packs and patterns that are on sale. Right now they are 25% off, but the price will continue to drop over the next two weeks as we move some of the items that have been around for a bit to make room for the new fabrics arriving in May. so click here to check it out and get a great deal.

Bernina, Amanda Murphy Designs, Benartex, Amanda Murphy, Nordic Holiday,

Amanda Murphy, fabric designer, author

Bernina, Amanda Murphy Designs, Benartex, Amanda Murphy, Nordic Holiday, Amanda Murphy started her career in the quilting industry as a fabric designer for Benartex. With a background in graphic design, creating beautiful prints for fabrics was a natural starting point.

From there she began authoring books on quilting, signed on as a spokesperson for Bernina and now travels the country teaching people to improve their quilting and let go of mistakes.

In our interview Amanda shares some great tips on how to improve your free motion quilting (hint: it includes listening to podcasts like this one) and which comes first for her, the fabric design or the quilt she wants to make with the fabric.

Amanda's new fabric line Nordic Holiday with Benartex is shipping to quilt shops this month. You can learn more about Amanda by visiting her website, amandamurphydesign.com.

Rebecca Bryan, Modern Triangle Quilts, Bryan House Quilts

Rebecca Bryan, author, teacher

Rebecca Bryan, Modern Triangle Quilts, Bryan House QuiltsRebecca Bryan is a fourth generation quilter who became obsessed with quilting after discovering modern colors and fabrics.

She started pursuing quilting as a career after her first book idea came to her in a dream. She took it as a sign that quilting was supposed to be more than a hobby and today she has published two books, is working on a series of online classes and is working on her first fabric line.

In our interview we talk about how she developed a career for herself, developing her own sense of color and design from her traditional roots and how she balances career and being a mom to four kids.

To learn more about Rebecca, visit her website bryanhousequilts.com.