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Greece is a Sideshow. U.S. is the Main Event – Ep.89


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Peter Schiff Show Highlights

Peter Schiff

Description: Peter Schiff Show Highlights

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Greece is a Sideshow. U.S. is the Main Event – Ep.89

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* It looks like there is going to be some kind of deal to avoid the "Grexit"

* Greek's exit would be great for Europe, but it would not be politically attractive for either side

* As long as Greece stays in the Eurozone, the Greek government can continue to blame Germany or Brussels for their prob...

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For U.S., Puerto Rico Bigger Tragedy than Greece – Ep 90

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* Global stock markets got beaten up overnight and the carnage continued here in the U.S.

* Dow Jones down 350 points by closing bell - biggest point loss of the year

* NASDAQ down 122 points

* Possible Grexit sparked sell off in FOREX markets...

Help Me Correct Wikipedia’s Liberal Bias

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Peter Schiff Says The Real Financial Crisis Is About to Hit ... (

Peter Schiff: When Will the Dollar Bubble Burst? | Wall Street...

Yellen Almost Admits Fed Not Ready to Raise Rates

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* Today was the expected day for expected rate hikes, indicating economic "lift-off"

* The June rate hike is off the table and everyone is focusing attention on September

* The prepared remarks are just a smokescreen to maintain the pretense that the economy can withstand a rate hike...

Wall Street Begins to Question Fed’s Narrative – Ep. 88

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* Dow under pressure on the back of EU talks with Greece

* There is a lot of room for the market to decline pending the Fed's announcements

* The consensus is that rates will hike September or later

* If Fed does not rates in September, Election year next year might also put off rate hikes...

Con Job Report – Ep. 87

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* Once again, a week of worse than expected economic data punctuated by another better than expected non-farm payroll report from the government

* ADP private sector payroll report was slightly below estimates

* 5,000 manufacturing jobs lost - 3rd consecutive monthly decline...

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