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Greece is a Sideshow. U.S. is the Main Event – Ep.89


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Peter Schiff Show Highlights

Peter Schiff

Description: Peter Schiff Show Highlights

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Greece is a Sideshow. U.S. is the Main Event – Ep.89

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* It looks like there is going to be some kind of deal to avoid the "Grexit"

* Greek's exit would be great for Europe, but it would not be politically attractive for either side

* As long as Greece stays in the Eurozone, the Greek government can continue to blame Germany or Brussels for their prob...

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Fed Leaks, Fast Food, Housing & Gold – Ep.98

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* The Dow Jones had its worst week since January - closed the week at 17,568, down 518 points

* Friday's drop alone accounted for 163 points

* Capital One had a huge earnings miss and announced big layoffs

* Big losses on bad debt...

Gold’s 50-Dollar Sunday Night Collapse Explained – Ep. 97

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* Today's Podcast is entirely devoted to gold and gold stocks

* Last night, in just a few minutes, gold dropped $50

* One or more major sell orders hit the market at the same time and gold went down below $1100...

Yellen Almost Admits Economy Too Weak to Raise Rates – Ep. 96

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* Today Janet Yellen goes back up the Hill for the second of her 2-day Congressional testimony and the press has already made headlines about what she did not say

* According to the headlines, Yellen's "hawkish" testimony reflected that she is puttin...

The Real Reason Greece Folded – Ep. 95

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* As I have been saying all along, the Greek Prime Minister capitulated to German demands

* In fact, he is agreeing to a plan that is more onerous on Greece than the one he encouraged his own people to vote down just over a week ago...

Yellen Continues to Talk What the Fed Can’t Walk – Ep. 94

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* This podcast comes from my hotel room in Las Vegas, as I am attending Freedom Fest

* Janet Yellen received a standing ovation at the end of her talk, and I can't understand why...

* Headlines from the talk report "Rates to go up by the end of the year"...

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