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Fewer Hires Means Fewer Fires – Ep. 83


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Peter Schiff Show Highlights

Peter Schiff

Description: Peter Schiff Show Highlights

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Fewer Hires Means Fewer Fires – Ep. 83

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* S&P responds to bad news with new high; DJ just barely off record high

* Dollar continues to fall

* The currency traders still have not accepted the significance of bad news

* Lower dollar will be the trend

* Friday got a trifecta of bad economic news...

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U.S. Economy Teetering on the Brink of Recession – Ep 82

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* Another week and another round of bad economic news

* Wall Street may be finally paying attention

* JOLT Report projected at 5.158 million; came in at 4.994 million

* April Retail Sales expected to rise .2%; came in flat

* X Automobiles expected an increase of .5, actual number was .1...

The April Jobs Report and My Encounter With Ben Bernanke – Ep 81

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* First official jobs report of Q2

* Wednesday's ADP private payrolls were below expectations

* March was revised down, indicating a softer labor market

* Challenger job cuts numbers well above previous month, biggest year over year increase in 10 years...

Bloom Rapidly Coming Off Recovery Rose – Ep 80

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* Upcoming Appearances

* Thursday morning panel at the SkyBridge Capital SALT Conference in Las Vegas

* Liberty Forum - Salt Lake City

* MoneyShow - Las Vegas

* Economic News for the Week: March Factory Orders met expectations, but downwardly revised February number for 5th straight year-over...

Spring Has Sprung, But U.S. Economy Still Snowed In – Ep 79

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* Markets on roller coaster ride final two trading days of this week

* Bad news parade marches on in April

* The players are still clinging to fantasy of U.S. economic recovery

* Dollar finished down substantially on the week - April was the first down month in 10 months...

Will the Fed Run Out of Excuses as the Weather Warms?

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* Government's first look at Q1 GDP

* There was a lot of optimism around Q1 with expectations above 3%

* Actual GDP was 1/5 of expectations at.2%

* The rest of the story of Q1 GDP:

* The deflator this time was negative - meaning that prices dropped by .1%...

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