So, Clint AND Soko were both off on this show. That left Sack Head Shaun to do what he wanted! So, considering he isn't much of a planner, he replayed some of our older clips. He did pose a question of the night for callers and chat room listeners - "With the recent air space violations over Guam (the day of President Obama's State of the Union), California and Alaska (Not to mention a Russian Sub in the gulf of Mexico for 30 days), what is Russia trying to do? Is President Putin trying to cause a conflict? If so, why?

We had some fun and interesting input. Tami Jackson of and joined us for her insight and input. Also, Rooster from Conservative Outcry joined us, and along with Tami, provided his insight. Then, near the end, Caller Evan joined the show. Evan, a self proclaimed Socialist and Gun Lover (um.....huh?) made the most BIZARRE case we have heard. He was passioanate about it, to the point that Sack Head Shaun had to get LOUD(er)! Enjoy the show!